Friday, November 8, 2019

Deviled eggs recipe

Deviled eggs recipe

How To Make Deviled Eggs:

Alright, let’s talk about exactly how to make deviled eggs! I promise, they’re much easier than they might look. Simply…

  1. Prepare your yolk filling: Slice the hard-boiled eggs in half lengthwise, and scoop the yolks out into a small bowl. Mash them thoroughly with a fork, then stir in the Greek yogurt, lemon juice, Dijon, salt and pepper until completely combined. (If you would like a super-smooth filling, you can also blitz these ingredients in a food processor for a sec instead of mashing/stirring everything by hand.)

  2. Fill the egg whites: Using either a spoon or a small cookie scoop or a piping bag (up to you!), fill the egg whites with the yolk mixture.

  3. Sprinkle and serve: Top each of the devilled eggs with a generous sprinkle of everything bagel seasoning. Then serve immediately and enjoy!

Deviled Egg Recipe Variations:

There are about a million different ways to customize your own easy deviled eggs recipe, so great creative and have fun with them! For example, feel free to:

  • Add avocado: To make avocado deviled eggs, just sub in well-mashed avocado in place of the mayo.

  • Add some pickles: It’s often traditional in the South to make deviled eggs with relish or pickle juice, which also pairs nicely with the everything bagel seasoning.

  • Add some heat: Such as a pinch of cayenne, Sriracha, fresh or pickled jalapeños.

  • Add some cheese: Soft crumbled cheeses (such as feta or goat cheese) work well. Or grated sharp cheddar or smoked gouda would also be delicious.

  • Add some bacon: I’ll never argue with a lil’ sprinkle of bacon bits on top of my deviled eggs. ;)

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