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Granola bar recipe

Granola bar recipe

My Homemade Granola Bars recipe leads to the right portable snack full of flavor, crunch, and chew — without any mystery ingredients.

A number of my personal favorite recipes to produce are homemade versions of products you normally buy. From homemade cereal like my Bran Flakes Cereal recipe to Homemade Frozen Treats Sandwiches, regardless of what it's, it’s always better homemade. My Homemade Granola Bars recipe isn't any exception. These rapidly baked granola bars would be the perfect portable snack full of flavor, crunch, and chew, however with no mystery ingredients.

Homemade is much better, and I’ll prove it!

Although some granola bars aren't any-bake, like my No-Bake Granola Bars recipe, my Homemade Granola Bars would be the opposite.

The main reason I selected to create a baked granola bar recipe isn't just since i love the toothy crunch and toasty flavor from the oatmeal, speculate the baking process helps the granola bars hold together without using an excessive amount of liquid sweetener.

These bars begin by mixing a little bit of honey, walnut syrup, and brown sugar inside a pan with butter. This forms some a sticky syrup which goes a lengthy way. After making the syrup inside a large deep pot, I am going in with lost of oatmeal, shredded coconut, soft dried cranberries, and chopped almonds. After that, this mix will get pressed right into a small sheet tray and baked until golden brown.

After appearing out of the oven, I cut these into perfectly portioned bars — however it doesn’t hold on there. In true Big and Bold fashion, I dip the granola bars in chocolate. If these don’t enable you to get via a snack attack or perhaps an extra lengthy mid-day, i then don’t understand what will!

This could happen should you don’t permit the syrup lower bars to correctly get together. To avert this, I would recommend letting the butter melt completely, adding within the brown sugar, honey, and walnut syrup. Don’t be enticed to in excess of stir this mix, either. Just permit the sugar to naturally dissolve.

Following the sugar has dissolved, allow this to simmer over low heat just for a couple of minutes. This will yield the right result! In case your granola bars are being released a little sticky, this may also mean they should be baked longer, as after baking they must be crunchy around the outdoors and hold together inside.

During the main one hands, you don’t would like your granola bars to become too sticky, additionally you don’t would like them to become too crunchy either. To make certain they are available out perfect, It is best to bake them for that exact time in the centre rack from the oven, letting them toast up evenly.

As to keeping them the right texture would be to really press the oat mixture lower in to the lined pan before baking the bars. This can compact the oatmeal and all sorts of mix-ins, ensuring the entire mix bakes and toasts up evenly from corner to corner.

I really like the mixture of coconut, dried cranberries, and almonds. All capped served by chocolate this really is heavenly. However, my recipe is wonderful to obtain creative with, from raisins along with other dried fruit to whatever mixture of nuts you've on hands, you actually can’t fail here. If you're searching to create a slightly less sweet granola bar, you can omit the chocolate too!

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