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Lemon meringue

Lemon meringue

This is actually the perfect lemon meringue cake! Having a scrumptious homemade cake crust, tart and smooth lemon filling, along with a fluffy toasted meringue topping, it’s impossible to face up to.

I write this as snow falls outdoors and winds whip throughout my house at 50 miles per hour. Regardless of the current climate conditions, the calendar states spring and Easter time are coming. And as somebody who lives and breathes her daily planner, which means it’s time for you to get ready for the modification of seasons. Close-up that hearth, place some tulips inside a vase, open individuals windows… whoa that wind! Let’s have them closed!

Let’s welcome a brand new year having a brand new pie– the cake I’ve been taunting you with for days!! The gorgeous, the timeless, the Classic Lemon Meringue Cake.

My lemon meringue cake recipe includes a billowy and toasty meringue topping, a well-balanced sweet/tart lemon filling, as well as an extra thick and flaky cake crust. I labored about this recipe for any lengthy time, making a minimum of twelve meringue pies previously couple of several weeks. Both our kitchen and mind were exploding lemons. Once we had buddies or family visit, I’d pressure lemon meringue cake in it.

Steps to make Lemon Meringue Cake

Through the years and particularly yesteryear couple of several weeks, I found that lemon meringue cake could be a daunting process but it doesn’t need to be. Allow me to get this to recipe simple for you by providing a tested (and recognized. ) recipe, plenty of useful recipe notes, along with a video so that you can see it arrived at existence.

  1. Blind bake cake crust

  2. Prepare lemon meringue cake filling

  3. Whip meringue topping

  4. Spread meringue on the top of filling

  5. Bake cake until toasty brown on the top

Now that you've got an over-all concept of the procedure, let’s discover why this lemon meringue cake recipe works and just what mistakes to prevent.

Here’s Why This Recipe Works

You will find 3 primary roadblocks when creating lemon meringue cake: a saturated cake crust, a watery lemon filling, and/or perhaps a weeping meringue. Let’s sort out each.

  1. Let’s avoid a saturated cake crust: Begin by correctly blind baking the cake crust. You need to partly blind bake the crust since it continuously bake whenever you bake the put together lemon meringue cake. Watch me blind bake the crust I personally use with this lemon meringue cake within my separate blind baking blog publish. Plenty of tips and methods there.

  2. Let’s avoid a watery lemon filling: This is when I usually had probably the most trouble. Lemon meringue cake filling is essentially a thinner form of lemon curd. You’ll temper egg yolks. And prior to running away screaming, watch me do that within the video below. Promise it’s not frightening. While lemon meringue cake filling ought to be blissfully creamy, we would like it to be stable enough to slice somewhat nicely. (Think: a rather firmer form of pudding, although not as firm as jello.) There is lots of backwards and forwards using the water versus fresh lemon juice versus corn starch versus sugar amounts. Follow my lemon meringue cake filling below. It’s not very tart, not very sweet, and it has the silkiest, though not-too-watery texture.

  3. Let’s avoid a weeping meringue: There are various kinds of meringue topping, but let’s make use of a French meringue. Beat egg-whites into soft peaks, add sugar, then beat into stiff peaks. Unless of course you need to waste a lot of egg-whites in unsuccessful meringue attempts, read these pointers: Make certain you start with only egg-whites. Not really a drip of egg yolks. Make certain the bowl you’re using is totally easily wiped clean. No oil or water residue. Make certain you set cream of tartar. This can stabilize your meringue. Make certain you set the sugar *after* soft peaks are created. If added before that, the egg-whites could stretch an excessive amount of which prevents a stiff peak altogether. Make certain you spread the meringue topping therefore it touches the cake crust. This seals the lemon filling underneath and enables the crust to grip to the meringue therefore the two don't separate. And, finally, don’t make lemon meringue cake on the damp day.

Lemon meringue cake, I really like ya, but you may be very picky.

Steps to make Lemon Meringue Cake Topping

The meringue toasts within the oven. Lots of recipes demand putting the entire cake underneath the broiler, however i choose to bake it so the egg-whites are able to prepare through. Also, begin to see the finish of step six within the recipe below. Make certain you spread the meringue topping on as the filling continues to be warm. The nice and cozy filling helps seal the 2 layers together, stopping separation.

  • Are you aware? (1) 70 degrees egg-whites whip quicker than cold egg-whites. And (2) 70 degrees egg-whites whip right into a greater volume than cold egg-whites. So make certain your egg-whites are in 70 degrees before beginning the meringue.

  • Time saving tip: You'll need 5 egg yolks for that lemon filling and 5 egg-whites for that meringue topping. Separate the five eggs while they're cold. (Cold eggs separate simpler! Remember NO egg yolks within the meringue, not really a smidge.) Leave the egg-whites on the counter. Blind bake the cake crust and make preparations the lemon filling. When you’re prepared to start the meringue, the egg-whites is going to be 70 degrees.
Meringue could be tricky, but you’re a baker and you may absolutely handle this.

Wish to watch me result in the lemon meringue cake filling, topping, and assemble the cake? Here you decide to go!

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